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Don’t look away: Fight the MonSter under your bed!


The book in front of you holds not only words, but a mother’s hope, tears, and countless sleepless nights. As diligent a businesswoman as a baker and therapist, follow her story as a mother who would move mountains to secure a good life for her child, one devoid of the scrutiny and limitations that plague so many special needs kids’ lives. This work not only catalogues the ups and downs of her daughter’s autism diagnosis, but also highlights her own struggles with multiple sclerosis, followed by a therapist’s insight on how to overcome one’s struggles, both internal and external, along with any type of trauma. Though her experiences are her own, her book is a prudent example that with enough love, compassion, and effort, any hurdle can be overcome.

Don’t look away: Life with Autism


The book you’re holding in your hands is the personal recount of a girl who, due to her autism spectrum disorder, has dealt with numerous obstacles placed in her cradle. Often misunderstood and the recipient of judging looks, she battles with obsessive compulsive disorder, emotional outbursts, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and panic attacks. Take this book as a personal invitation into her inner world, her emotions, thoughts, and interpretation of her surroundings, and find out just how foreign the world can seem through the eyes of a weird girl.

Schau nicht weg: Mein Leben mit Autismus


Das Buch, das Sie in Ihren Händen halten, ist die persönliche Nacherzählung eines Mädchens, das sich aufgrund seiner Autismus-Spektrum-Störung mit zahlreichen Hindernissen, die ihr in die Wiege gelegt wurden, befasst hat. Oft missverstanden und die Empfängerin von abwertenden Blicken, kämpft sie mit Zwangsstörungen, emotionalen Ausbrüchen, sensorischen Verarbeitungsstörungen, Angstzuständen und Panikattacken. Nehmen Sie dieses Buch als persönliche Einladung in ihre innere Welt, ihre Gefühle, Gedanken und Interpretation ihrer Umgebung und finden Sie heraus, wie fremd die Welt mit den Augen eines seltsamen Mädchens erscheinen kann.